Tim Hortons, Maple Syrup, and Berets, Oh My Maple

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Awwww, thank you, strange grey boy with horns.  I’ll have Kuma… Kuma… Kumasomething… protect me…

B: Birthday

July 1st

D: Drink you last had:

Maple Syrup Water

F: Favorite Song

It’s weird, but I’ve been listening a lot to England’s singer, Frank Turner.  I suppose, I like his song, I Still Believe.

A: Available

Single, but I’m not particularly looking for anyone right now

R: Reason to Smile:

People remembering who I am and all my friends here on Tumblr!

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Ask me

  • A. Available:
  • B. Birthday:
  • C. Crushing on:
  • D. Drink you last had:
  • E. Easiest person to talk to:
  • F. Favorite song:
  • G. Grossest memory:
  • H. Hometown:
  • I. In love with:
  • J. Jealous of:
  • K. Killed someone:
  • L. Longest friendship:
  • M. Milkshake flavour:
  • N. Number of siblings:
  • O. One wish:
  • P. Person who you last called:
  • Q. Question your asked the most:
  • R. Reason to smile:
  • S. Song you last sang:
  • T. Time you wake up:
  • U. Underwear colour:
  • V. Violent moment:
  • W. Worst habit:
  • X. X-ray you had:
  • Y. Your last time you cried:
  • Z. Zodiac sign:
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Welcome to my blog!


I decided that I needed to start having one of these blogs.  Goodness, there’s plenty of pictures of men together.

Right.  Anyway.  Feel free to ask me questions, but beware, I do have my Frying Pan and I’m not afraid to use it against a certain annoying Prussian

[[I’m insane.  Opened up another ask blog.  go check it out?  I’ll probably work on that tonight, unless I’m super crazy and decide to work on both.]]

[[Sorry guys]]

[[Life has been busy and I’ve been intimidated by the mass of asks in my box, so I’ve done a purge.  If you had any pressing questions that I’ve deleted, feel free to send them back.  I’ll be working on this blog, probably tonight.  ALSO, I’ve decided to do another ask blog, for my Hungary cosplay.  I had so much fun being her, that I’d like to try a blog for her.  I’ll probably also set that up tonight, since I don’t have much tonight for class tomorrow, except Jazzercise, but that’s not terribly much, just a make up session tonight.

I’ll probably do a valentine’s event on here, or something, so send me asks about that, Anon is always on (unless I am given cause to turn it off).  If you have something you’d like me to do (askirlspain’s idea of the valentine’s cards is an amazing idea, but I don’t want to steal it), feel free to pass it along.]]

[[Grrr, sorry guys]]

[[My floor mate and tumblr are working together apparently to piss me off.  Tumblr’s server’s keep going over capacity and my floor mate’s decided that she’s going to post bordering on rude notices rather than talk to us even though our door is slightly open and we are in our room.  Because I’m pissed, I’m going to go away from taking the pics for a bit and try to watch something to chillax because I obviously need it.  Might be back later tonight.]]


Oh maple…

Thank you…

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Nyotalia - fem!Canada - Maddie Williams 

Here, have a set of fem!Canada~ I think she’s adorable with her twin tails and her hat! Also, I really want her sweater (the red one). = 3 =


| {♥} | {♥} | {♥} | {♥} | {♥} | {♥} | {♥} | {♥} | {♥} |

[[Since I’m wearing my wig already (my roommate reblogged a post with a pic of a genderbent Doctor John Watson from BBC’s Sherlock and I had to prove I could sorta pull it off), I’ll be going through and finally answering questions.  Probably for a good few hours. Just gotta see if Gifyo’s going to be nice or not]]